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Burial Options

Burial Options

Green Burial Services, Burial Urns & Cemetery Headstones

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If your loved one has passed in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you are searching for professional service, look to us. At Greenlawn Memorial Park, we offer a number of burial service options for you. We also help individuals and families pre-plan their own burial services. Take a look at our options below.
Ground Burial
Whether you desire two burial plots side by side, a family burial area, or a single plot for one or more people, we can guide you through choosing what is right for you. Our direct ground burials in Colma start at $7,458.50*.
Outdoor Cremated Remains Burial
Burying cremains in the ground in a family plot or a single, smaller space gives you more options. You can choose a complete cremation ground burial for $2,333.50* for one, or $3,397.00* for two people.
Green Natural Burials

Our Green Natural Burials do not require caskets. The deceased person may be placed on the earthen surface surrounded by a ring liner and soil may be placed directly upon the deceased. The liner cover will be lowered in place for the final cover of earth and lawn.

We also offer multiple Green Natural Burials in one grave, using a deeper system. You may present your loved one to our cemetery for interment, without the cost of going through a mortuary, once you have obtained the proper County Burial Certificate. We can also assist you with this process.
Indoor Cremation Columbarium
Place your loved one in a decorative, engraved urn behind a beautiful glass front niche. Various sizes are available. You and your family can decide what to put inside the niche along with the urn**. Flower vase is included.

We also have a community niche section in the columbarium. This burial service option is only $995 and comes complete with a personalized name plate.

We have select spaces for indoor entombment in Colma. Inquire for pricing.
Free Scattering Garden
Our least expensive interment option is for cremains to be scattered under a beautiful flower garden. 

There is an option for personalized inscription. Scattering is free after paying $228.50 for endowment care, recording and state fees.

*Plus applicable taxes     **Urn and all items placed in niches must be non-biodegradable.
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